​​Vibro Damping U bolts

U bolts with rubber vulcanised onto the bolt.

Damping U bolts are a robust system for fastening pipes from DN15 to DN200. The U bolts are delivered in acid-resistant AISI 316L with rubber vulcanised onto the bolt.

Furthermore, the non-grip version is coated with a layer of Teflon, which means that the pipe can move in a longitudinal direction.

The U bolts can also be used in places where there are vibrations in the pipes or where isolation from other materials is required.

As the rubber is vulcanised onto the steel, the rubber will not twist if the parts are exposed to movement in an axial direction.

Another significant advantage is that moisture is prevented from developing and causing corrosion.

The U bolts have a working temperature from minus 40 to plus 150 degrees Celsius.

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