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Are you looking for a professional company that can help you with thread rolling? Look no more. At Arnold P. Bolte, we are specialised in thread rolling, and this can provide you with many benefits.

We are a family-owned, Danish company that attaches great importance to the quality of our products. We do this because the satisfaction of our customers is of vital importance to us. We are focused on the needs of the individual customer, including quality, service, flexibility and professional expertise.

The majority of our production consists of special workpieces, each of them adapted to the specific requirements of the individual customer regarding design as well as choice of materials, surface treatment and dimensions.

Our area of specialisation is to roll threads on bolts, clamps and bent workpieces of many different dimensions and shapes, including U bolts, square U bolts, J bolts, V bolts, double U bolts as well as many other types of bolts and clamps. We can also produce asymmetrical U bolts.

Arnold P. Bolte has customised production equipment, which means that our production is flexible. Thus, even in case of small series and short delivery times, we can provide competitive prices.

With thread rolling at Arnold P. Bolte, you get quicker delivery times, good service and quality at competitive prices.

If you have special and unique thread rolling requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide you with customised solutions.

Are you curious about wheat thread rolling can do for you? Perhaps you are curious about the price of thread rolling?

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Arnold P. Bolte was founded in 1946

Arnold P. Bolte has been synonymous with quality since 1946. At Arnold P. Bolte we carry out special orders that are adapted to the special needs of our customers.

Arnold P. can fall back on many special machines that make even very small series possible at competitive prices.

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